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An Anti-Inflammatory Diet: What makes sense?

How many times have you seen “Top 10 Foods to Fight Inflammation”? Why is it that two months later a similar list has different foods? Did the foods first identified as “absolutely best” suddenly lose their benefits? Did research suddenly come to a whole new understanding of how to beat the chronic inflammation that’s considered a key element in development of many chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease?So many questions on healthy eating to fight inflammation

Research has been progressing in identifying how eating habits and lifestyle choices can either promote or reduce chronic inflammation. This Smart Bytes® gives an update on our understanding of inflammation, and solid tips on how to set priorities among choices you can make to quench it.

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How to Get the Most from an Activity Tracker: 9 Top Tricks

Does using a pedometer or other physical activity tracker work to help you get more active?

Move more, sit less to help prevent cancer

Sometimes a dog’s not enough to help you create a healthy lifestyle

One important point is choosing the right tracker for you. Even then, several tweaks in how you use it can make or break your likelihood of successful results.

Some people refer to their activity trackers as the cornerstone of getting and staying fit and healthy. Others try one, say “Meh”, and before long, it’s tucked away in a drawer, never again to see the light of day.

Here are 9 strategies for getting results….

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“How am I NOT Losing Weight with All this Exercise?”

“How am I NOT losing weight?”

Weight loss - Is exercise enough?

“How am I NOT losing weight?”
It’s a common frustration.

Have you ever wondered that after boosting your activity with extra walking, swimming or other forms of exercise? You’re not alone. Sometimes it is hard to understand a lack of weight loss. Often, though, a little digging can uncover several potential reasons why weight is not dropping as quickly as you expect.

Identifying what’s going on allows you to adjust how you are approaching a healthy lifestyle.

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Do You Need an Activity Tracker? How to Know, How to Choose

You’ve heard all about how important physical activity is for not just weight control, but for many aspects of health, and you’ve been trying to walk more often. So why would you want some sort of monitor to track your physical activity? That’s what I used to think. But now, for me and for many patients with whom I’ve worked, I know why.activity trackers show many Americans are sedentary

Yes, people have made headlines with reports that using a tracker led them to gain weight. However, there’s more to that story.

Although American adults are walking more, less than half of American adults (47%) reach the federal recommendation of at least 150 minutes each week of moderate aerobic activity (such as brisk walking), or 75 minutes per week of vigorous physical activity, or an equivalent combination.  That’s unfortunate, since these guidelines note more than this minimum brings even greater health benefits.

Here’s the clincher: The statistics illustrate exactly why I know I need an activity tracker — only 16.3% of American adults reach the oft-heard recommendation to accumulate at least 10,000 steps a day. In fact, 36.1% of American adults qualify as sedentary, defined as less than 5,000 steps a day.

How can nearly half of Americans get 30 minutes of activity most days, yet accumulate steps so much lower than you might think? If most of your day is spent sitting and at a low activity level, it takes more intentional activity to reach levels of activity associated with health.

Will an Activity Tracker Make a Difference?

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The 10,000 Step Goal: 5 Key Questions

Activity trackers – wristbands and small clip-on devices you can wear to monitor fitness-related goals like how many steps you take each day – are making big news right now. What's behind the 10,000 steps/day goal?

Do these trackers help you live more healthfully? How helpful are they in weight management? We’ll look at research and people’s personal stories related to those questions in an upcoming Smart Bytes®. First, let’s step back and look at the central premise behind those activity trackers: What do we really know about setting 10,000 steps a day as a strategy to promote health and vitality?

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