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glycemic load

Beyond High vs. Low: Is Glycemic Index Key to Healthy Carbs?

With recommendations to limit consumption of sugar and refined grains, and focus on “quality carbohydrate”, how can you choose foods that support your goal of healthy eating? Healthy Eating; Glycemix index or high vs low carbohydrate?

Is glycemic index (GI) or glycemic load (GL) the key? What about amount and types of fiber, prebiotics, or whole grains?

Without going overboard based on “health halos”, how can you identify and include quality carbs in your day-to-day eating habits? Here, in Part One

on choosing healthy sources of carbohydrates, we’ll look beyond the headlines at glycemic index….

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Carbs, Glycemic Index & Cancer Risk: New Studies in Perspective

New studies are adding to the picture of how our eating habits, including the carbohydrate-containing foods we choose, affect our cancer risk.  Although the amount of data is building, the picture is still anything but clear when we stack the studies next to one another.Carbs, GI and Cancer Risk - New Studies

This week I’m in Indianapolis, where the American Association of Diabetes Educators asked me to speak at their annual meeting. My topic: At the Crossroads: How do Diabetes and Cancer Intersect? As I’ve talked with colleagues here, the question of whether glycemic index is part of this intersection has come up several times.

Let’s step back from the relatively large volume of studies focused on glycemic index and cancer, and look at how we can weave together the common threads into a picture that makes sense. Continue reading