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Feeling nutrition info overload? I will help you sort through to find what’s important to you. Read more. . .

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About Smart Bytes®

Feeling nutrition information overload? Step back, take a deep breath, let me guide you to nutrition info worth acting on. . .

I’ll take current nutrition research – things you may hear about from the headlines as well as things you may not — and put it in the “big picture” of overall research. I help people develop an understanding of how they can set priorities for realistic steps to healthy eating.

We’ll look at research about reducing cancer risk — a field in which I work extensively. We’ll also look at how that intersects with research on other aspects of wellness, including diabetes and heart disease prevention, weight control and dealing with metabolic syndrome.

I will address topics like inflammation, hormones, and antioxidants, as well as foods in the news like garlic, soy, broccoli and sugar. These discussions will put new studies in the context of overall research and try to identify the priorities most worthy of focus. We’ll also look at the barriers you might see to addressing those priorities, aiming to find ways over or around them.

My heartfelt goal is to help you find ways to use what we’re learning so that you are not merely surviving in life, but truly thriving, healthy and energized for the life you want to live. It’s a journey, and I feel honored to walk it with you.

A personal story

I have now worked my way up to a blue belt In Tae Kwon Do. I remember my first attempt at breaking a board. I had passed all other parts of the test for my first new belt, but try as I might, I couldn’t break the board. My instructor said,

“You are seeing the board as a barrier and letting it stop you. You’ve got to look beyond the board and kick through it.”

Sure enough, with focus, I broke my first board. I instantly saw it as a metaphor for all the walls my clients were seeing to eating more healthfully. I want to be the voice reminding people that even when we see barriers, that doesn’t mean we can’t break through. I would love to help you overcome your barriers to healthy eating and gain the energy and vitality that come from living in a body that’s taken care of, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that even if you haven’t done it all or done it perfectly, you’ve done what’s important.

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