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Daunting to doable...

Karen helps people identify which nutrition information is worth acting on and find realistic ways to put it into practice. Her passion is helping people use nutrition news to make their lives better.

We’re bombarded every day with news that what we eat affects our health. It can be so overwhelming that some may simply tune out. Others may change their eating with each new study.

Instead of looking at just one piece of the puzzle at a time, Karen can help you look at the latest nutrition findings as part of the big picture of overall research.

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Karen Collins is a registered dietitian who promotes healthy eating as a nationally syndicated nutrition news columnist, speaker and consultant.

Karen has written over 2000 nutrition news pieces, and speaks regularly to a variety of audiences. She is a frequently sought out nutrition source. Read her nutrition views on her blog.

What’s New:

  • The American College of Cardiology asked me to write an expert analysis about heart health-focused recommendations on added sugars and kids. Most of the practical implications I discuss are relevant to adults, too.
  • For my research-grounded tips on reasonable portions and healthy eating at holiday time, see the American Institute for Cancer Research blog.